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New to Whisk(e)y events? Review these tips to maximize your experience. 

Choose Your Experience 

With all the offerings, you will want to maximize your time. General Admission tickets cover three hours of tasting access while VIP Admission covers four hours. All tastings will be as supply lasts, so pace yourself, and narrow in on what you most want to try. 

Dress to Impress 

Embrace the chance to dress up for this exclusive event in a luxurious space. Though there is no official dress code, show respect to brands and other guests by dressing to the occasion. 

Keep Your Glass with You 

Attendees will receive a commemorative Swig & Savor Glencairn glass. This small hurricane-glass-shaped tumbler is specifically designed for nosing and sipping whisk(e)y. Each tasting sample will be a small pour—enough to nose and taste. Occasionally rinse out your glass so everything doesn’t taste the same.

Check Out a Seminar 

Whether it's to brush up on familiar topics or to learn something new, take a break from tasting, and check out a seminar. Experts from the famed Multnomah Whisk(e)y Library are prepared to share their knowledge.

Discover Something New 

Don't be afraid to try brands and expressions you are less familiar with. You already know what your favorites taste like. Consider searching out something you wouldn't usually try. You may stumble across a new favorite.

Ask Questions 

Swig & Savor seeks to give you access to master distillers, blenders, and other experts. Don't be afraid to engage and ask questions about the brand's heritage, process, and what makes each pour unique. Avoid asking for the most expensive/oldest pours, instead, get to know the craftspeople who have traveled around the world to guide you through this elevated tasting experience.

Hydrate and Enjoy the Food

Water and food stations will be placed prominently throughout the event. Although the whisky tastings are small, they can add up quick, so remember to drink water and have a bite or two. Staying hydrated not only improves your mental capacity but also helps your body flush out toxins, protects your skin, and minimizes alcohol effects.

Pace Yourself 

It’s not about how much you can drink. Instead, you’re paying for the opportunity to sample a wide variety of great products in one convenient spot guided by experts.


Embrace the spittoon as a place to spit out samples after you've tasted, or dump samples you don't want to finish. After you have tasted around, then pick a few to fully enjoy. You can also preview the list of pours, and target what you most want to try. You will want to avoid any “pre-function” with drinks before the event.

By law, we must ensure attendees don’t get too drunk. If event management thinks you’ve gone too far, they will insist you leave, and there will not be a refund issued.

Meet New Friends

You can learn from more than just the brand experts. Many attendees bring a wealth of knowledge about the distilleries, whiskey-making process, and specific brands. So don't be afraid to introduce yourself and compare notes.

Purchasing at the Event

Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase bottles from Oregon-based distillers right on the event floor. Purchased bottles will be bagged and sealed, and cannot be opened at the event.

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