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Below is the pour list from the 2022 event.
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Wee Beastie
• 10 year
• An Oa

Uigeadail (VIP hour only)

Bull Run

• 7 year Oregon Single Malt

• 8 year Oregon Single Malt Madeira Finish

• 14 year American Whiskey Pinot Noir Finish

• 14 year American Whiskey Barrel Strength

• 9 year High Malt Bourbon

• 5 year Bourbon Chinato Finish

13 year Bourbon Hennessy Cognac Barrel Finish (VIP hour only)



• Clonakilty X Pelican Brewing - Stout Cask Finish Irish Whiskey

• Double Oak Finish Irish Whiskey

• Port Cask Finish Irish Whiskey

• Single Malt Bordeaux Finish Irish Whiskey

• Private Barrel Irish Whiskey (VIP hour only)


Deutsch Family

Bib & Tucker 6 YR Bourbon 

Redemption Wheated Bourbon 

Redemption High Rye Bourbon Single Barrel 

Masterson’s 10 YR Rye


The Glenlivet

• Caribbean Reserve

• Illicit Still

• 18 year

• 21 year (VIP hour only)

• 25 year (VIP hour only)



X by Glenmorangie

Original 10 year

Lasanta 12 year

18 year (VIP hour only)


Grain & Barrel 

Chicken Cock Bourbon Whiskey

Chicken Cock Rye Whiskey

Elvis Whiskey

Elvis Rye

Virgil Kane Ginger

Chicken Cock Cotton Club (VIP hour only)



• Reserve

• Ocean Aged at Sea

• Ocean Aged at Sea Rye

• Twin Oak (VIP hour only)

Kentucky Owl

• The Wiseman Rye

• The Wiseman Bourbon

• Confiscated Bourbon

• St. Patrick's Limited Edition Bourbon (VIP hour only)

Knob Creek

• Knob Creek

• Knob Creek Rye

• Knob Creek Single Barrel

• Knob Creek 12 Year (VIP hour only)


• 10 Year

• Quarter Cask

• Cairdeas 2022 (VIP hour only)

• 25 Year (VIP hour only)


Maker’s Mark

• Maker’s Mark 46

• Maker’s Mark Cask Strength

• Maker’s Mark 101


McMenamins Edgefield Distillery

• Hogshead Whiskey

• Phil Whiskey

• Devil Bit Whiskey

• Billy Rye Whiskey


• Rye

• Bourbon

• Sour Mash

• Unblended American

• Barrel Strength Rye (VIP hour only)

• 10 year Rye  (VIP hour only)

Oregon Spirit Distillers

• Bottled in Bond Single Barrel Straight American Bourbon Whiskey

• Straight American Bourbon Whiskey

• Straight American Rye Whiskey

• Straight American Wheat Whiskey

• Eaves Blind Straight American Bourbon, Blended by Marianne Eaves (VIP hour only)

Proof and Wood

• Deadwood Straight Bourbon

• Deadwood Rye Whiskey

• Roulette Rye

• Tumblin' Dice

• The Representative

• The Ambassador

The Senator Rye (VIP hour only)

• Tumblin' Dice Private Barrel (VIP hour only)

• The Senator Rye Private Barrel (VIP hour only)

Rabbit Hole

• Cavehill Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey 4-Grain

• Heigold Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey High Rye

• Boxergrail Kentucky Straight Rye Whiskey

• Dareringer Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in PX Sherry Casks (VIP hour only)

• Founder's Reserve Nevallier (VIP hour only)


• 12 year

• 15 year

• 21 year (VIP hour only)


• Dead Guy Whiskey, American Single Malt

• Oregon Straight Rye Malt

• Rolling Thunder Stouted Whiskey

• Single Barrel Project #6 - Amarone Cask

• Morimoto Single Malt Whiskey (VIP hour only)

Russell’s Reserve

10 Year Bourbon

• 6 Year Rye

• Single Barrel Bourbon

• Single Barrel Rye

• 13 Year Bourbon (VIP hour only)




• Legendary Dark

• Midnight Silkie

Spirit of Hven

Mercurious Corn Whisky

• Swedish Rye Whisky (VIP hour only)

• Swedish Tycho's Star Whisky (VIP hour only)


4 Year

6 Year

10 Year Single Barrel

Oloroso Sherry Cask Finish (VIP hour only)

Uncle Nearest

• 1884 Small Batch Whiskey
• 1856 Premium Whiskey    


• Westward American Single Malt

• Westward American Single Malt Stout Cask

• Westward American Single Malt Pinot Noir Cask

• Westward American Single Malt Cask Strength

• Westward American Single Malt Elements: High Desert to Klamath Basin (VIP hour only) 


PiggyBack 6 year

Limavady single malt single barrel Irish 

10 year rye

12 year rye



• 15 year (VIP hour only)

Wilderness Trail

High-Rye Bourbon

Wheated Bourbon

Straight Rye 

• Private Barrel (VIP hour only)



• Straight Rye  

• Port Finished (VIP hour only)

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