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Below is the growing pour list for the 2023 event.
Subject to changes

Barrell Craft Spirits


Ben Holladay Bourbon

• Ben Holladay Bottled-in-Bond 6 year

• Ben Holladay Soft Red Wheated Bottled-in-Bond

• Ben Holladay Rick House Proof (VIP hour only)




• Benriach the Original Ten

• Benriach the Smoky Ten

• Benriach the Original Twelve

• Benriach the Smoky Twelve

• The Benriach Sixteen (VIP hour only)


• Bruichladdich Classic Laddie

• Bruichladdich Islay Barley

• Port Charlotte 10

• Octomore (VIP hour only)


Bull Run

Four Roses

Garrison Brothers


• The Glendronach 12 Year

• The Glendronach 15 Year Revival

• The Glendronach 18 Year

• The Glendronach 21 Year Parliament (VIP hour only)

• The Glendronach Port Wood (VIP hour only)

Grain & Barrel


Heritage Distilling

Jack Daniel’s

• Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey

• Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Rye Whiskey

• Gentleman Jack

• Jack Daniel’s Bonded Tennessee Whiskey

• Jack Daniel’s Triple Mash Blended Straight Whiskey

• Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

• Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Rye

• Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Barrel Proof

• Jack Daniel’s 10 Year (VIP hour only)

• Jack Daniel’s 12 Year (VIP hour only)


Old Forester Bourbon

• Old Forester 1870 Original Batch

• Old Forester 1897 Bottled in Bond

• Old Forester 1910 Old Fine Whisky

• Old Forester 1920 Prohibition Style

• Old Forester Single Barrel Strength Rye (VIP hour only)

Oregon Spirit Distillery

• Straight American Bourbon Whiskey

• Straight American Rye Whiskey

• Straight American Wheat Whiskey

• Bottled in Bond Straight American Bourbon Whiskey 

• Bottled in Bond Straight American Wheat Whiskey 

• Cask Strength Straight American Bourbon Whiskey (VIP hour only)

• Bottled in Bond Straight American Rye Whiskey (Single Barrel) (VIP hour only)


Proof & Wood




Spirit of Hven


Uncle Nearest

• 1884 Small Batch Whiskey

• 1856 Premium Whiskey

• Straight Rye

• Single Barrel (VIP hour only)

• Single Barrel Rye (VIP hour only)

Westland Distillery


Woodford Reserve

• Woodford Reserve Bourbon

• Woodford Reserve Double Oaked

• Woodford Reserve Rye

• Woodford Reserve Malt

• Woodford Reserve Wheat

• Woodford Reserve Master’s Collection (VIP hour only)

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